Thinking of Summer

We had a fly problem outside near the grill this summer. I hung one of those flytraps (you’ll see the picture is sideways but I like our little friend’s pose) and this guy showed up. Hung out all day, just picking flies out of the air, free for the taking. Ate them (like flies?) and […]


Isa and I were invited by friends to Disneyland this week. We’d never been, so we accepted the offer. We parked, and waited in line for a tram. Then we waited in another line for a security check. Then we waited for tickets. The inside of the park: We walked down the fabled Main Street, […]

Kids in Vegas

There’s grills in this skill crane. This skill crane is extra large, big enough for a basketball (or a toddler). Isa rode this thing five times.

Another Musical

Isa told me that her friend invited her to see him perform in a musical. I said sure, get the time and place, and we’ll be there. Sunday rolled around and we trekked out to the valley to see the show. As luck would have it, I was treated to yet another all-white performance of […]

Isa’s Riddle

Isa said to me, “Name a word that is both of two things, and yet also neither of the two things at the same time.”“I give up,” I replied.“Brunch,” she said, “It’s both breakfast and lunch, yet it is neither as well.” “Well, in that case,” I said, “My new answer is spork. Not a […]

"search terms"

The other day Isa told us about watching a youtube video where a man is doing martial arts and “a mysterious brown bulge” begins to come out of his butt, or something gross like that. Isa knows she’s only allowed to go to youtube for something specific, like a bird video, she’s not allowed to […]


I took Isa on a hike in Topanga State Park. The weather was quite warm, so I reminded Isa to be careful of rattlesnakes. About a mile into our hike, a couple warned us that “about a quarter mile up, there’s a big one right off the trail, on the left.” I thanked them and […]

Our Favorite Snacks

I shop at a Korean supermarket. I could eat Korean food for the rest of my life. Isa’s in charge of obtaining the snacks to put in the cart, while I’m browsing the kimchi aisle. For herself, Isa gets:(I know, I know, It’s Japanese but they have a Korean counterpart, Pepero.)For John, she put this […]

How do you bowl a 37?

I took Isa bowling when we were in Lake Tahoe. I strongly suggested that she not use the bumpers. She was amenable to the idea–she was five hundred miles from home, there were no peers around and the stakes were low. She bowled a 44, and we celebrated wildly. But I expect more from someone […]