Beer Pretzels

Salt on Pretzel: Foods I miss from PA part one

My brother came home with a bag of these, they were still warm, and not buttery like Mall pretzels. Heck, these pretzels taste good rock-hard, in the dead of winter bought from a street vendor outside of Veterans stadium after a Phillies game (but those days are over, and I really hate the corporate stadium […]

Our Favorite Snacks

I shop at a Korean supermarket. I could eat Korean food for the rest of my life. Isa’s in charge of obtaining the snacks to put in the cart, while I’m browsing the kimchi aisle. For herself, Isa gets:(I know, I know, It’s Japanese but they have a Korean counterpart, Pepero.)For John, she put this […]

I Bet They’re eating Utz Pretzels and Charles Chips

This was the front page photo on, for an article about Obama in Pennsylvania. I love this picture. Can someone please send me a cold Yuengling?