The Amish Have Competition

The Amish Have Competition

$99.99 and sure to save you money on heating bills. Made in China.

Two More for the Road

Really, I’ve never had a good one out here in California (I ordered one once and stopped trying. Meat is bad anyway). Behold the cheese steak! Do you know what this is? The dollop of cream is a definite curve ball. This is shoo fly pie, a molasses concoction of the Pennsylvania Dutch (Southern people […]

Salt on Pretzel: Foods I miss from PA part one

My brother came home with a bag of these, they were still warm, and not buttery like Mall pretzels. Heck, these pretzels taste good rock-hard, in the dead of winter bought from a street vendor outside of Veterans stadium after a Phillies game (but those days are over, and I really hate the corporate stadium […]

Today’s Parade Magazine…

…contained this quote from Henry Winkler, on the phrase ‘jumping the shark’: “I also ‘jumped the shark’ on Arrested Development. To be fair, writing 22 sitcom episodes each season is harder than climbing Everest without clothes”. I must confess I don’t understand this quote. (Several pages later is our old friend the Amish Miracle Heater […]

It’s Summer. Put the Heaters Away

The latest top ten SIW searches: 1. patrick moberg 2. salt the wound 3. rice krinkles 4. salt in wound 5. miracle heaters 6. aggressive fuck * 7. diana wolozin 8. amish made heaters 9. isaac asimov super quiz 10. amish miracle heater *John’s fault

Amish miracle heaters

This is a remarkable scam even by the feeble journalistic standards of Parade magazine: Amish-made portable fireplaces without any of the “flames, fumes, smells, ashes, or mess” of a real fireplace. And they’re absolutely free if you call within 48 hours! Needless to say, they are ordinary Chinese-made electric space heaters encased in a wooden […]