The Amish Have Competition

The Amish Have Competition

$99.99 and sure to save you money on heating bills. Made in China.

Asian Yellow Dust

There’s been a bit in the news about the air quality for the Summer Olympics. All of the articles I’ve read have been seemingly ‘balanced’ and ‘fair’ with a few people (somewhat) fearful about their health, and then others saying that China will of course have this taken care of in time.I can’t see how […]

Melamine Cat Poisoning Mystery

Back in March 2007, our two cats, Swee’Pea (aged around 11) and Baloney (13?) stopped eating, and curled up into listless balls, each refusing to move. I noticed a pet food recall on a local website. Alarmed, I made an appointment with our vet. She thought I was over-reacting. “If their food isn’t on the […]