Found in Closet: part two of four

This one’s a messenger bag, with a little banana and an Nike swoosh (?!) below it. Can you identify the banana? Baloney cat is being really annoying, he keeps purring wildly and laying on the bag. That’s right, it’s an Arrested Development bag. How have I never noticed this bag before?I do feel like I’m […]

Radioactive Cat

John is what I would call an extreme pet lover. Me, I’m different, I hail from a place where our neighbor’s farm treated their cows lovingly and then slaughtered them and labeled the meat in the freezer with their names; animals had functions. An animal that didn’t have a function was a frivolous thing. People […]

Melamine Cat Poisoning Mystery

Back in March 2007, our two cats, Swee’Pea (aged around 11) and Baloney (13?) stopped eating, and curled up into listless balls, each refusing to move. I noticed a pet food recall on a local website. Alarmed, I made an appointment with our vet. She thought I was over-reacting. “If their food isn’t on the […]