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Congrats, contributor: http://www.yaledailynews.com/articles/view/28525

an underrated gem

Sometime in the mid 1980s, my partner Mike and I wrote a well-crafted comedy for Columbia about a juror who falls in love with a defendant. But Hollywood doesn’t want well-crafted comedies from arrogant twenty-four year-olds. And Mike got into a relationship with the development executive, then broke up with her just before we turned […]

Palin/Biden debate

Palin said they didn’t rape the continental shelf when drilling ‘up there in Alaska.’ John said, “Biden should counter with, ‘yes they DID rape the shelf and that Palin is going to make the shelf pay for the kit.”

Found in Closet: part two of four

This one’s a messenger bag, with a little banana and an Nike swoosh (?!) below it. Can you identify the banana? Baloney cat is being really annoying, he keeps purring wildly and laying on the bag. That’s right, it’s an Arrested Development bag. How have I never noticed this bag before?I do feel like I’m […]

Found in Closet: part one of four

I’ve never seen this John Larroquette Show leather backpack before. There’s got to be someone out there who would benefit from this backpack.

The last time I saw Maya

My friend from college was in the news again today. Maya and I met freshman year at some sort of Jewish community center, even though I wasn’t religious and she was Chinese American. She liked Dumbo, she said, unapologetically childlike. Did I like Dumbo? We grew closer Sophomore year when I fell in love with […]

Cashmere Mafia versus Lipstick Jungle

Lipstick Jungle wins, and I’m not just saying that because I have a horse in this race. I honestly don’t have that much to do with how the show turns out. My job is to add a little comedy around the margins, and it can only support so much. But mainly I’m thinking there are […]

Countdown to Lipstick Jungle

One of our Bloggers™ has a show coming out on Thursday: Lipstick Jungle. Brooke Shields is one of the stars. I can’t help but think of my childhood, when Brooke was one of the beauties, and her name was bandied about constantly. Bo Derek, Brooke Shields and Farrah. I remember the ubiquitous poster was omnipresent […]

Another of John’s performances…

Dixie Canyon!


ALICEBy John Levenstein(Performed at Sit n’ Spin, Los Angeles, CA) Monday, October Seventh, 5:47 pm I am keeping this journal in order to not lose my mind while I wait for Alice to decide whether or not she wants to date me. She has already gotten naked with me, and given me a large purple […]