Lipstick Jungle

Lipstick Jungle versus Hill Street Blues

Hill Street Blues wins. I just want to show this isn’t completely rigged.

Cashmere Mafia versus Lipstick Jungle

Lipstick Jungle wins, and I’m not just saying that because I have a horse in this race. I honestly don’t have that much to do with how the show turns out. My job is to add a little comedy around the margins, and it can only support so much. But mainly I’m thinking there are […]

Countdown to Lipstick Jungle

One of our Bloggers™ has a show coming out on Thursday: Lipstick Jungle. Brooke Shields is one of the stars. I can’t help but think of my childhood, when Brooke was one of the beauties, and her name was bandied about constantly. Bo Derek, Brooke Shields and Farrah. I remember the ubiquitous poster was omnipresent […]

the lobby of nbc

There is a glass case by the elevators with various “gag” products, books and board games with Mad-Magazine style puns for titles. I’ve written for NBC on and off for over ten years, and the glass case has been there in the lobby the whole time. I worked on the John Larroquette show, had a […]

First week of work

I just went through a long period of self employment, and I have to say I was very disappointed in myself as a boss. I let myself get away with murder. And when you only have one employee, that’s almost inexcusable (really, the lack of oversight was astonishing). This week, I started a new job–as […]