rich people say the darndest things

Overheard at Du-par’s

The other morning I ate breakfast within earshot of an interview with the woman who created the T.V. show Saving Grace. She had some interesting advice for anyone who wants to learn everything there is to know about acting. “Watch the first season of Saving Grace.”

The last time I saw Maya

My friend from college was in the news again today. Maya and I met freshman year at some sort of Jewish community center, even though I wasn’t religious and she was Chinese American. She liked Dumbo, she said, unapologetically childlike. Did I like Dumbo? We grew closer Sophomore year when I fell in love with […]

Tony: A Man of Property

Excerpts from a St. Helena Star article from 2004. This is Tony. Tony may not be able to control his hand or his checkbook, but it seems he has a good wife who is trying to keep that pesky addiction under control. But then, the problem becomes clear: land is just flying at them! Then […]