real estate

Iron Girders

I wish blogger would let these photos be larger. But I chose a tool certain non-technological people could use (John) and so, I’ll explain the photo. The landscape of my commute has certainly changed in the past two years. ‘For Rent’ signs have sprung up everywhere amidst weeds that have also sprouted on crumbling, dirt- […]

Just for Fun

It so happened we were in S.F. when we stumbled upon Janis Joplin’s house for sale. It’s in Marin county, for a little over a million dollars. It was a nice wooded dead- end street.


Dianna and I spent a quick weekend in New York. We made no plans to look up friends due to lack of time, but we were walking down Broadway just as two of Dianna’s friends stepped outside for a cigarette. We’d heard they were paying thirty-thousand a month for their loft, so eagerly accepted their […]

Sub Prime Mortgages

A few years back, I was living in Pennsylvania, working at a community college and in the process of buying my first house. The offer process was irritating as hell, the owner wanted to raise the purchase price and pay my closing costs and do a number of shifting balances of things, and I was […]

Tony: A Man of Property

Excerpts from a St. Helena Star article from 2004. This is Tony. Tony may not be able to control his hand or his checkbook, but it seems he has a good wife who is trying to keep that pesky addiction under control. But then, the problem becomes clear: land is just flying at them! Then […]

mortgage meltdown

There’s been a lot of talk about helping out homeowners. Alan Greenspan was the latest to suggest some sort of bailout. What is it about homeowners that elicits such sentiment? Where were these concerned parties when the bankruptcy bill was pushed through? Is credit card debt inherently less noble than mortgage debt? Or if you […]

A Great Bargain

Dear Land Owner,I see you are selling some land near Chatsworth! With a view! I do feel like I should notify any potential buyers lest they remain unawares: the Santa Susana Field Lab was a rocket and nuclear test facility with a long and colorful history of meltdowns, partial meltdowns, radioactive fires, fission fires, and […]