New York

It’s… The Jack & Alana Show!

Thursday night, after midnight: I have worked quite late and am walking to the train. The fan-enhanced mannequins in the French Connection windows have once again caught my eye—their outfits ripple as if in a stiff breeze!—when I realize an actual woman is speaking to me. What? What? Hold on. I remove my earphones. She […]

More Bad News for the Print Industry

Newsweek has announced that rather than producing a magazine, they would now only exist in brick wall form.

NYC Manger Scene

Letter Writing

I like to write letters to publications when something bothers me. Vogue published an article about female circumcision. I wrote them a strongly worded letter how I didn’t feel that what was happening to these women in Africa could be named such a thing, unless of course circumcision entails cutting off a man’s entire penis. […]


Dianna and I spent a quick weekend in New York. We made no plans to look up friends due to lack of time, but we were walking down Broadway just as two of Dianna’s friends stepped outside for a cigarette. We’d heard they were paying thirty-thousand a month for their loft, so eagerly accepted their […]