Arrested Development

News Update

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Today’s Parade Magazine…

…contained this quote from Henry Winkler, on the phrase ‘jumping the shark’: “I also ‘jumped the shark’ on Arrested Development. To be fair, writing 22 sitcom episodes each season is harder than climbing Everest without clothes”. I must confess I don’t understand this quote. (Several pages later is our old friend the Amish Miracle Heater […]

Found in Closet: part two of four

This one’s a messenger bag, with a little banana and an Nike swoosh (?!) below it. Can you identify the banana? Baloney cat is being really annoying, he keeps purring wildly and laying on the bag. That’s right, it’s an Arrested Development bag. How have I never noticed this bag before?I do feel like I’m […]

TV Show Memorabilia

Frank’s Proscar post reminded me of this thing, hanging in John’s office. There’s still have a few A.D. things lying around here, like a Bluth jacket, and yes, Zanotab.