Two More for the Road

Really, I’ve never had a good one out here in California (I ordered one once and stopped trying. Meat is bad anyway). Behold the cheese steak! Do you know what this is? The dollop of cream is a definite curve ball. This is shoo fly pie, a molasses concoction of the Pennsylvania Dutch (Southern people […]

Two Tales of One City

The media converge on Hoboken’s City Hall. The meatiest converge on Hoboken’s City Hall Bake Shop.

Grimace, indeed

Keenan’s class will soon be going on a three-day field trip to Space Camp in Montreal. (I didn’t know the Canadians had a space program; then it occurred to me that this probably was the Canadian space program.) When told were told the trip would include a stop at the mega-McDonalds just on the US […]

John Bought Jelly

Sorry this is picture of two jars of jelly is blurry. I have an old camera (that would be three years old). I’ve always liked preserves, my mother used to make her own jellies and applesauces and also can peaches and tomatoes from our garden. An old friend from Pennsylvania sent me a jar of […]

Timeshare Math Problem

In a hypothetical timeshare presentation which she in fact studiously avoided, Bernie is offered an amazing opportunity: to purchase a timeshare in the resort in which she is currently staying. For about forty grand, she can have it all, a week in the sun in paradise, or, she can go elsewhere and trade in her […]