Two Tales of One City

The media converge on Hoboken’s City Hall. The meatiest converge on Hoboken’s City Hall Bake Shop.

Vague Protest Spotted

We drove by some protesters on the corner of Laurel Canyon and Ventura Boulevard. I rolled down the window and heard shouts of “Honk if you agree with us, pay taxes if you don’t.”Another girl cried, “Stop robbing us!” Some of the signs had things on them like: This is BULL I’m a Democrat but […]

John McCain Is So Out of Touch…

…that even his bunting is upside-down. I’ve done the Google image searches, folks. Flag bunting. Patriotic bunting. Red, white, and blue bunting. And every one I saw has the flat part at the top, and the curved part down. I’m no physics professor, but I think it has something to do with gravity. I’m Jack […]

Eliot Spitzer

The news about my boss’s boss’s boss’s boss’s boss’s boss’s boss wasn’t as surprising as it should have been. The reason is a story about Eliot Spitzer taking his family skiing which appeared in our local paper last month – right around the time he was setting up his Washington, DC trip agenda. It was […]

Grand Gestures

I have been fascinated by the hand gestures of politicians for a long time. You can really tell a great deal about a person through the manner in which they use their hands to get a point across. The pictures above demonstrate four very different people using four different types of hand gestures. I chose […]