Eliot Spitzer

The news about my boss’s boss’s boss’s boss’s boss’s boss’s boss wasn’t as surprising as it should have been. The reason is a story about Eliot Spitzer taking his family skiing which appeared in our local paper last month – right around the time he was setting up his Washington, DC trip agenda. It was clearly supposed to be a humanizing fluff piece, but there were all these odd, rough edges. Upon arriving at the resort, he asked to be taken to the toughest trail they had – the double black diamond. He then took his family, his security detail, and the reporter down this trail at racing speed, over and over, imperiously daring anyone to keep up with him. This struck me as reckless, somewhat cruel, and in hindsight, maybe a foreshadowing of political suicide. At the time, I convinced myself I was reading way too much into it.

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