adaptive reuse

Windows Vista: a Thought

The other day a friend told me that her computer had crashed and tech support had told her there was no hope; she’d never be able to get her prized photos off her year-old Fujitsu laptop. I asked what she was running and she said Vista. I’ve never had the opportunity to use/misuse Vista, so […]

Timeshare Math Problem

In a hypothetical timeshare presentation which she in fact studiously avoided, Bernie is offered an amazing opportunity: to purchase a timeshare in the resort in which she is currently staying. For about forty grand, she can have it all, a week in the sun in paradise, or, she can go elsewhere and trade in her […]


Such a week. I’ve already described a mirthless luncheon (A recursive link, for you recursion fans out there). On Wednesday, it was announced that my entire office would be relocating to an industrial suburb of Albany. My commute will go from about 2.5 miles to 7.5 miles. It’s still bikeable, but most of the extra […]