Such a week.

I’ve already described a mirthless luncheon (A recursive link, for you recursion fans out there).

On Wednesday, it was announced that my entire office would be relocating to an industrial suburb of Albany. My commute will go from about 2.5 miles to 7.5 miles. It’s still bikeable, but most of the extra distance is along a busy, potholed truck route lined with warehouses, and with that long of a ride, you have to think about a change of clothes. As for the bus, I would need to take two. As for driving, I would have to buy a car. No matter how you figure it, it’s functionally equivalent to a 10-20% pay cut.

The building is an interesting example of adaptive reuse. It was built in 1929 as the regional Montgomery Ward warehouse. Probably because the building wasn’t designed for human occupation, the art deco architecture manages to come off as more Third Reich than Miami Beach. It’s always been Micaela’s least favorite building in the area (of those buildings that even merit a critical review).

When the move was announced, the office broke out in cheers and applause. It’s five miles closer to the suburbs where nearly all of them live, and probably will encourage many to move five miles farther out.

A few hours ago our tech support person and union vice-president was arrested for stealing her kids’ PTA money. I don’t know her well, but it fits in.

Oh, and all of our great snow is gone after a record-shattering week.

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