From today’s Albany (NY) Times Union: A 70-year old Chestertown man was arrested for allegedly making graffiti on an overpass on Route 9L. Police said Kenneth C. Hopper was using spray paint to write “rowlow” onto the Warren County Bike Trail overpass just before 3 pm Saturday. Hopper, a medical doctor, said that he did […]

Isa’s Riddle

Isa said to me, “Name a word that is both of two things, and yet also neither of the two things at the same time.”“I give up,” I replied.“Brunch,” she said, “It’s both breakfast and lunch, yet it is neither as well.” “Well, in that case,” I said, “My new answer is spork. Not a […]

meta-ing of the minds

While we’re disappearing up our own assholes, I wanted to practice doing a link.