Japanese Cones

We spotted some of these cat cones in Japan, in various sectors. Oftentimes they connect the cones with plastic connectors, unseen in the States.

Territory Cone

Cone spotted in Guam Airport: I’m disappointed I didn’t have my camera on me when my brother-in-law pointed out a cone in the middle of jungle on the nearby island of Rota. It didn’t appear to have a purpose.

Son of a box!

I think the thing I like most about the terrible movies they show on airplanes is when they overdub offensive words. It’s totally inconsistent: sometimes they substitute a milder version of the same word, even if it doesn’t match the lips; other times they put in a word that matches the lips, even if it […]

Good Times!

For the last nine days I’ve been in Uganda, teaching at a school for three full days and staying at the family home of the gentleman who runs the school, Pastor Godfrey. On the last day Pastor Godfrey took me to a restaurant a few streets away from the village school. The waiters in Ugandan […]

How do you bowl a 37?

I took Isa bowling when we were in Lake Tahoe. I strongly suggested that she not use the bumpers. She was amenable to the idea–she was five hundred miles from home, there were no peers around and the stakes were low. She bowled a 44, and we celebrated wildly. But I expect more from someone […]

395, Revisited

We took the ‘back way’ to Lake Tahoe, the 395. (Yes, in California apparently it’s THE 395, but in NY or Jersey we take 78 or 87) I was worried, a storm was coming to Tahoe and we’d be coming in on the 50, from Nevada. I’d been watching the weather reports and although they […]

"Bernie Berlitz" part one

Several months ago, Juan, a man very beloved to John and I for his stone wall building at our house, saw Isa as we were on our way out and he said (in Spanish) “Hello, Isabella! How are you!” She stared at him blankly. I nudged her. “Isa, aren’t you going to respond?” I said.“I […]


The last day in Hawaii, checkout time at the hotel was noon. Our flight wasn’t until ten at night, so we reserved a car and driver; that way, we could tour the island, then slowly work our way to the airport. The man who answered the phone at the limo company asked what we wanted […]

family vacations

On the beach in Honolulu, there is a trend this year of fathers, in a last-ditch losing effort, trying to keep a tight lid on their teen-age daughters’ burgeoning sexuality. These girls, age seventeen to twenty-one, are looking for trouble, Dirty-Dancing style. Their fathers, like Jerry Orbach, are good men, out of their depth. In […]