wintry mix

Primitive Biathlon

I’ve finally identified a sport that may be lower on the pecking order than rogaining.

The Yule Log

We were happily watching the Yule Log on local KCAL Channel 9, when John told us there was something better. The Hi-Def Yule Log.

395, Revisited

We took the ‘back way’ to Lake Tahoe, the 395. (Yes, in California apparently it’s THE 395, but in NY or Jersey we take 78 or 87) I was worried, a storm was coming to Tahoe and we’d be coming in on the 50, from Nevada. I’d been watching the weather reports and although they […]

The political winds

There was a New York State Senate election yesterday in a mostly-rural district along the eastern edge of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River, an area where 300 inches of snowfall in a year is not unusual. Republicans hold an 8-5 registration advantage here and have held this seat for nearly 100 years. Polls […]