395, Revisited

We took the ‘back way’ to Lake Tahoe, the 395. (Yes, in California apparently it’s THE 395, but in NY or Jersey we take 78 or 87) I was worried, a storm was coming to Tahoe and we’d be coming in on the 50, from Nevada. I’d been watching the weather reports and although they kept changing, one thing was apparent: it was quite warm in the daytime (40’s-50’s) and dipping to the 20’s at night. Prime icy conditions.
John tried to find a local am station for an updated weather report. “He’s obviously a radical muslim and his left wingers are going to support that in his election efforts,” we heard and John turned the dial.
“No one wants a woman for president,” some man said and John kept searching. We heard that weather and traffic were coming up next. Albuquerque. John turned it some more. All in all, we found Denver, Reno, San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco were represented, as well as one Antelope Valley town that had it’s own radio station but it was all ads. No weather.
We talked about the am waves up in these remote Eastern Sierras– is Denver a few bounces over?
John said Bill Clinton always said he was a Cardinals fan because he got in Saint Louis stations. They had fans everywhere because of the am.

I guess it’s obvious we’re not interested in satellite radio, but most of the crap we tuned into was Clear Channel. Sad days for radio indeed.

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