Movie Review: Midsommar

4 stars out of 5 This might sound a little weird, but Midsommar made me miss Woody Allen. I was the only one in an Asbury Park theater watching this thoroughly f’ed up story unfold against a gorgeous sunny Swedish backdrop. And I flashed back to Woody’s summer releases. Every year there seemed to be […]

Movie Review: The Last Black Man in San Francisco

4 stars out of 5 We hope for a different kind of movie but usually get same-y ones, yet every now and again something fresh comes along. The Last Black Man in San Francisco is such a film and it made me smile. Not that they reinvented the form or anything; I was frequently reminded […]

Arrested Development – season 4

(What better place to post this than saltinwound.com!) I watched the first episode the other day – the “Michael” episode – and I’m a bit disappointed so far, but for reasons that don’t seem to align with any of the commenters out there (not funny enough, too few character interactions, too many in-jokes on the […]

The Memory Hole (part 3)

The Memory Hole (part 3)

I got Larry Marshall right as well. As I remembered, he was both the Eagles kick and punt returner – a bit unusual, as teams usually use two different players for these roles. He served this role for four seasons (1974-1977). According to pro-football-reference.com, he ranks #58 all-time for combined return yardage, though never scored […]

The Memory Hole (part 2)

The Memory Hole (part 2)

Well, contrary to what neuroscience was leading me to expect, nearly all of my details check out. The main one that did not was my age – I figured I was 6, but actually I was just a few weeks shy of turning 8, so this hardly counts as one of my earliest memories. I […]

The Memory Hole

One time when I was in graduate school, a few of us students were sitting around the lounge talking about our earliest memories. A lurking professor, overhearing our conversation, observed that our recollections were dubious, at best. What we were more likely remembering were repeated stories or photographs or home movies – and not even […]

Crime and Incident Report

When I was in college, the best part of the student newspaper was the crime and incident report. 20 years later, the tradition lives on. Here is an item from today’s The Miami Student (Oxford, Ohio): Officials find male with head injury At around 2 a.m. Tuesday, Oxford Police Department (OPD) officers were dispatched to […]

Cone Star

Cone Star