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  1. Jack Silbert

    We (and when I say we, I guess I just mean me) were big fans of Hazard and the Heroes on the other side of the Delaware via WMMR and a program entitled Video Rock on channel 17 (“It’s wild, it’s hot… it’s Video Rock!”). I wonder if backstage Clark and Hazard discussed their Philly backgrounds. Interesting how Hazard unwittingly predicted the post-label world. He died for our sins, and they tried to crucify his love.

    Interesting how the Hooters also worked with Cyndi Lauper.

  2. Jack Silbert

    I enjoy annotations in general, and I enjoy these.

    I imagine the era of the “regional hit” is long gone but the mainstream Philly airwaves regularly played artists that didn’t make much of a national splash: in addition to Hazard, there was pre-major label Tommy Conwell, John Eddie, the aforementioned Hooters before their limited success….

  3. Jack Silbert

    Hazard talking about Dick Clark and American Bandstand:

  4. Brian

    When Robert was a Teanager, he would hang outside of the building where Dick Clark lived when the show was done in Philadelphia to try and see him. He had talked to Dick Clark about that when they met to do his show.

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