Cone Star

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  1. miclusick

    Where is this? Will googling luxehomestyle assist me?
    I’ve been running the script in my head for the last 9 months about some perfomance art/ en plein air painting. What impresses you about Andrew Wyeth?

  2. miclusick

    thanks john 🙂

  3. Bernie

    Now THAT is art! I am suspicious how “john” “managed” to upload this photo.

  4. Bernie

    andrew wyeth is from pennsylvania and can scumble?

  5. miclusick

    Bernie, i like cryptic-ness of the 7am comment. The wordpress scumble (chalk it up as a new color in the verbiage palette) redeco 4 months ago has that cold sleek modern feel. Perhaps the incubate stage is still lingering to maybe adopt “john” as the comment name on all comments. fuckit, just scratch saltinwound, and call it “Wo-managed”

  6. Frank B.

    Whomever “uploaded” the photo had a problem with the “aspect ratio”.

  7. Bernie

    Well, Frank went there. “aspect ratio”

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