Good Thing We Know Nothing is Less than 99 Cents

A lower price bound is always interesting

(taken on my commute)


I got this email from a friend:  So since the store exists we assume that the set of items in the store with prices is non-empty. The sign provides a lower bound. Thus in the real numbers we are guaranteed to have an infimum, but this infimum is not necessarily in the set of prices (Because the set of prices is a subset of the rational numbers which is not complete). However if we assume that the number of items is finite (which I think is reasonable) the infimum is necessarily the minimum and therefore exists within the store.

As per Frank’s request:

7 responses to “Good Thing We Know Nothing is Less than 99 Cents”

  1. miclusick

    to be fair, Lynch knocked it out of the ballpark with “Inland Empire” – stage and screen is pretty petty since then. Have you seen his shortfilm compilation on DVD? the 99~ c~ pic gives me the same cre-epy eastern european feel

  2. Frank B.

    Could you restate your friend’s comment in mathematical notation?

  3. miclusick

    you r sew rite burny, nothing is less

    one fourth a plate of church bazaar puerto rican chicken dinner, $1
    cheesehead snuck onto golf course for one hole of head apparel, $11
    2 Los Lobos tix i say no thanks; already seen them twice for free, $111

    refusing to step on the gown of
    Queen Silbert, mighty teller of 3000 (std dev inclu)
    word essays, Prizeless

  4. miclusick

    how about this cheap attack that ain’t even worth two scheckles?

    how about the 11 of us peeps in the masthead thing review Frank’s latest album?

    i’ve listened to it about 3 times in the background, and it probably will take at least 3 more listens before i can muster an appropriate critique, if i’m so lucky. “one hit wonder”, “k.i.s.s., “Dispatch” (love the last line on ‘Monkees’), heavy stuff, felt a twang of XTC in spots, (mind you this isn’t the “review”, i’ll submit that when i get holla from the gifted of the gabscript wits who wanna partake.

    hey –We Are Here — not some disposable mass-produced dvd

  5. miclusick

    i’m sorry — i fully encourage the 11, 1,111 people to not go along with my idea. all this internet lately, whew – the facebook zoo, here@SiW, registering for classes – it’s a wonder i have time to go walk that rat-thin German Shepherd my farther-in-law keeps caged up most of the day. irregardless, Jack, you may be proud of me, i was bloglished!

  6. Jack Silbert

    We Are Here is swell; would gladly pay more than 99 cents for it. Recently put “Trapped Inside a Skill Crane” on a mix CD for a longtime Frank-ophile now living on a self-sufficient organic farm in rural Minnesota. (Followed Skill Crane with, from F’s best-of list, Postman by American Analog Set, Bad Things by Boycrazy, and West Coast by that Bored to Death guy.)

    Kudos on the Burnett comment, Interestingly enough my first couple of purchases of his work were on cassette.

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