Expect the unexpected

Today, on a financial form, I was asked to estimate my unexpected expenses for 2011. Acceptable categories included funerals, natural disasters, and legal proceedings.

Good Thing We Know Nothing is Less than 99 Cents

Good Thing We Know Nothing is Less than 99 Cents

A lower price bound is always interesting (taken on my commute) UPDATE: I got this email from a friend:  So since the store exists we assume that the set of items in the store with prices is non-empty. The sign provides a lower bound. Thus in the real numbers we are guaranteed to have an infimum, but […]

Another Letter to the Editor

http://sundial.csun.edu/2010/09/letter-to-the-editor-3/ I speak out when I feel the need to. However, I’ve never had a letter to the editor published which did not contain (and not by my hand)  a typo, grammatical mistake, or just a cut of the core of my argument. Play ‘spot the glaring grammatical error game!’ (answer is in the comment […]


I just finished reading another article about how “preference engines” are brilliantly anticipating my tastes and future purchases. I’ve been reading this sort of stuff for years, but I have yet to really experience it. Amazon only recently stopped recommending Chutes and Ladders because I bought Candyland for my son back in 2001. Currently they […]

Keno in Reno

I don’t care for gambling that much, but when I do gamble I’m well aware of the odds of the games, and I certainly don’t have any “lucky feelings” come over me when I’m trying to roll a hard six. Last month, we were in Reno sitting at a cafe, and Isa wanted to pick […]

Simplify This

    (a+x)(b-x)(c+x)(d-x) … (z-x) “Simplify” means that the solution can be written using fewer characters than the problem itself uses.

The Locker Puzzle

This is my favorite puzzle. A hallway in a school has 100 lockers. A student runs down the hall and opens every locker. A second student runs down the hall and closes every other locker, starting at the second. A third student runs down the hall and “flips” every third locker, starting at the third […]