Another Letter to the Editor

I speak out when I feel the need to. However, I’ve never had a letter to the editor published which did not contain (and not by my hand)  a typo, grammatical mistake, or just a cut of the core of my argument. Play ‘spot the glaring grammatical error game!’ (answer is in the comment section of the paper)

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  1. miclusick

    We interrupt this special broadcast for an important warning: Follow Jack’s Lead! Order the Tullycraft tribute album!

    Other tributes will doled out via the shit site (compared to SiW) Facebook.

    And congratulations to Mrs. Boscoe. If ever there were an argument against the adage “being underrated is overrated”, you’ve stated it nicely.

    sidenote: i believe the only time i was published ‘professionally’ was in 8th grade. Our local paper, The York Dispatch, had a weekly one-page offering entitled The Junior Dispatch. In it, local school children were featured through submissions of poetry, essay, rant&raves, drawings… Well, I did it, I reached acknowledgment! My pen & ink of a preppy styled mod (think maybe the drummer from Blur) due to infatulisation with Paul Weller placed me in the annals of “obscure journals’.

    Long live obscurity! Long live this salty speck of the earth!

  2. miclusick

    ooh, update on the grammatical error at sundial.

    honestly on first read through, i thought the semi-colon usage was the error.

    fun quiz. the whole thing with their, her, your response, their ‘final’ answer — very meta. an alternative could be Mistress.

  3. miclusick

    Another Comment to the Lords of Saltbush


    Why would standards of journalism be applied to a letter to the editor ? Does sending a letter to the editor presume that the letter will be edited? Questions abound!

  5. Jack Silbert

    Was Helmbrecht just screwing with us with that error-riddled final reply? Harrumph. I for one have never heard of exceptions to subject/pronoun agreement. Regardless, that was exciting point/counterpoint reading. Though I find the name “Daily Sundial” disconcerting. Hourly Sundial? (And the evening edition, “Just a Circle With a Stick On It.”)

    [Insert self-deprecating important-work-in-obscure-settings SiW witticism here.]

  6. miclusick

    …the Physics building at the University of Washington…The gnomon (shadow stick) for a vertical sundial is on top. The latitude, and the number of degrees the wall deviates from true south, determines the hour-line spacing. After these basics are accounted for, the imagination is the limit…

  7. Frank B.

    Sorry, Bernie, I was trying to help you, but I found this:

    How does the AP Stylebook instruct the journalists on the “generic he”?

    “Use the pronoun his when an indefinite antecedent may be male or female: [Example] A reporter attempts to protect his sources.”
    (Norm Goldstein, The Associated Press Stylebook and Libel Manual, 2000 edition, p. 114)

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