12 responses to “I need a hat”

  1. Jack Silbert

    Plus you don’t want anyone to think you’re with the Viet Cong.

    Um, any Albany Senators throwback caps up there?

  2. John Levenstein

    i’ve been dealing with this same issue, right down to the bald spot. my straw hats became stylish while i wasn’t paying attention, so now that’s out. a baseball cap has to be fitted for me to like it, and i have a large head. old negro league caps are cool, but you’re not a black man. so i’m with you on minor league caps or with jack on throwback caps. but the athletics aren’t the same franchise as the phillies. this is a decent phillies throwback:


  3. PaulBoscoe

    I looked briefly at several sites, Kent State, Cyclones and Iron Pigs. Yikes there were some ugly hats. It seems they are trying to tap the Nascar hat wearing market. There weren’t too many hats that were logoless on the brims for some reason. Who knows? Just give in and get something like this.

  4. miclusick

    I’ve spent an hour searching though caps, and I’ve come up with three designs i like- 1938 Osaka Tigers, The Pittsburgh Keystones, and Boise State. If one is to believe in this BS post-racial stuff, I say go for the Keystones. What’s the cognitive dissonance about an obscure team of years past? Wiggas are where it’s at anyways.
    The BSU hat i saw, w/o Bronco, walks the line between current significance, anti-nostalgia, and ‘who in fact really cares about them’. Plus you’d probably be safe within your racial barrier. Idaho’s association with neo-nazism is fairly well-known. The Tigers seem to be the balance here, juggling the yin yang. I have difficulties with a predominately white hat, but pinstipes are renowned, and kind of hints toward a trusty train conductor.


  5. Bernie

    Years ago, John bought me a baby-blue Phillies cap. I wasn’t aware they even made such things. It could be a function of being out west, but no one ever made any phillies comments when i was wearing it. Perhaps too nonsensical for your taste, Frank. John got an old school angels cap, but the embroidered halo looked like he was wearing a yarmulke, so perhaps that’s not in order either.
    That said, here’s my final answer:

    The Doosan Bears! Frank, the big D can stand for “Dad”.

  6. Bernie

    Good to know we’ve collectively (possibly) solved the balding pate problem.

  7. paul@rutkowskifarm.com
  8. PaulBoscoe
  9. miclusick

    ack….. a misplacing small objects syndrome moment (too often)….. 1936!


  10. miclusick

    Have enjoyed the the last 2 Sports related posts. Maybe an idea like….hmmmm…write about sports once a week…. or ….hmmmm ….entertainment!? Sports and entertainment, not there’s any need for a conjunction like ‘and.’ Granted entertainment usually means tv, theater, movies, boardgames, John Tesh….still c’mon, an expert has to be within us to to put a perceptive pen to this week’s TV premieres. Or how about your local high school’s football game? Though it won’t be as entertaining as ‘Friday Night Lights’, at least you can go gnaw, speaking from personal experience, on a corn dog with good company.
    Frank, any new hats in da house?