Another Letter to the Editor I speak out when I feel the need to. However, I’ve never had a letter to the editor published which did not contain (and not by my hand)  a typo, grammatical mistake, or just a cut of the core of my argument. Play ‘spot the glaring grammatical error game!’ (answer is in the comment […]

44 in the Bookstore

After my first class of the spring semester, I went to the bookstore to get my book. It’s amazing how much junk they sell in university bookstores nowadays. It takes fifteen minutes to slog through the aisles of flannel pajamas, dummies books, snow globes, stuffed animals, and every other piece of junk with the college […]

Sharp Advertising?

Just saw a commercial for Sharp Aquos LCD TVs. The gist of it: You’d have to be a physics professor to select a TV these days; luckily, the star of the commercial is a physics professor. Scrambling to the Internet, I learned that he is indeed a professor of physics—Gerard Fasel of Pepperdine. Now, OK, […]