recreational mathematics

Middle School Math Puzzle

Since there are middle school math parents and magazine editors among the core readership of this blog, I thought this might be interesting. Keenan recently had a whole page of trapezoid area problems. Depending on how you approach it, you can get different answers, which I thought was a bit unfair. I’ll explain what I’m […]

44 in the Bookstore

After my first class of the spring semester, I went to the bookstore to get my book. It’s amazing how much junk they sell in university bookstores nowadays. It takes fifteen minutes to slog through the aisles of flannel pajamas, dummies books, snow globes, stuffed animals, and every other piece of junk with the college […]

Me! Of all people!

When Bernie and I lived in Napa, we were devoted readers of the St. Helena Star. They had a seemingly endless supply of stories about people who grew up on vineyards, pursued other avenues, and then, surprisingly, at mid-life, found themselves with vineyards of their own, often inherited from their families. The emphasis in these […]

Recreational Mathematics This looks like it would be pretty good. For some reason, it’s not available through Netflix.