Another letter to the editor…

…exclusive to Salt in Wound!

To the editor:

The slogan on your masthead, held in a fierce-eyed eagle’s beak, reads, “the information source for the Capital Region”. And yet Andy Rooney’s column is the precise opposite of information. I know, I know: he is a local institution, 91 years of age, has been doing this shtick for decades, probably the only area resident to hold a lifetime achievement Emmy. But let’s just take a look at today’s column, yet another random list of things about which he professes disinterest or a lack of knowledge:  who Obama’s advisors are, want a cantor does, banking, Egyptian politics, how cheeseburgers are processed. He doesn’t know what redistricting means, or why the Republicans are called the GOP. Surely he commands the services of a research assistant, but even this would be unnecessary if he would be willing to spend fifteen seconds on Wikipedia. The only thing he does express interest in, incoherently, is the flavor of liquid nitrogen.

You have let go or forced into early retirement so many good writers in the last few years, and all of them used to provide information.

Francis P. Boscoe


6 responses to “Another letter to the editor…”

  1. mwolfe

    “Do you ever notice…”

    Nice letter.

    I think the Andy Rooney column is a pathetic attempt to keep the Times Union’s aging readership–what will the world do when Beetle Bailey, Hi and Lois, and Ziggy meet their inevitable demise…


  2. miclusick

    crap me on a stick. geriatric fag Rooney made his way into our local newspaper. tagline –
    “There are so many problems in this world”

    well great, that’s why they invented psycho ticthe sky isfalling analysis

  3. Bernie

    I would definitely edit your letter, if i were the editor. I’d probably try to protect your sources, first off, in a gender-free zone.

  4. Paul C.

    Is it a Salt in Wound exclusive because the TU declined to print?

  5. Jack Silbert

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