4 responses to “Societal Training”

  1. miclusick

    i feel your pain Jack. i’ve got a not-so-hard and fast ethic of blotting out commercials, but i chuckled the first couple of times seeing that Zoosk Online dating commercial, where the lovers are bumbling idiots. Seek out the environment you want to be a product of; it certainly hasn’t had the best effects on me.

  2. Frank B.

    Jack, have you ever impulsively changed your train ticket? Maybe that’s the problem.

  3. miclusick

    honest to g.o.d., i’m not waiting to pounce on anyone’s comment or post here, but i was just watching Bryan Williams, and he mentioned the passing of Steven J Canell. Armed with explosive wit I bulleted to the computer to announce the news to SiW.
    And now I see that it will be difficult to answer you Frank, Jack is in mourning likely. Rockford, A-Team, Adam 12, 21 Jump Street – classics mostly written before Cannell was 40 years old! Screen writing (not a job in NYC, according to A. Warhol) is the measure of success in American society, and I continue to disappoint. Thankfully, thankfully, we have:


  4. miclusick

    each one of them
    deserving their respective chests
    adds a brand
    of news more accessable
    than any hyped up ad
    your median
    i feel traded back
    handled all means one
    is up by one
    it’s you hunching
    you’re a-parent serve
    and you’re dreaming
    of rocking and actually you’re

    taking a stab

    believe me, i’d rather not know
    that i’m a product, i’ve been
    so created

    because *Ignorance is Bliss!*

    **this is how i ended my ‘reply all’
    email to the ceo of that medical
    “.org” after i was given my seattle

    walking papers

    one more shallow opinion,
    is the best song off of Automatic for the People

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