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Hello wordpress.

People not interested in technology stop reading. 9,000 other people and I  left blogger over some ftp flap. Blogger stopped supporting ftp, and warned about it (thanks, Jack!).  I thought I’d try to just “migrate” and do whatever they said, but in doing so the url had to change to something else. Perhaps I read […]

Cones on ice.

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Can’t post pictures for some technical reason. Irritating. Working on it.Cheers

Man cave photo

Caption: An exterior shot of the so-called “man cave” where to (sic) state workers allegedly smoked pot and partied on state time (Courtesy New York State Police)

There’s more honest debate in Israel about Israeli policy than there is here in the United States. Obama seems to have bought into conventional wisdom. This is a good organization to consider, especially if you’ve got any Jewish guilt to assuage.