I honestly can’t figure out how to comment.

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  1. Jack Silbert

    Did you click on:
    Leave a comment
    or on
    1 comment?

    And then after you type it you’ve got to click
    Comment in the bottom left of the Leave a Comment area.

    I wonder if that endless list of Categories on the right side can be transformed into Tags, which is what they were.

    And there is the photo question.

    I am going to throw caution to the wind and put up a new post.

  2. Jack Silbert

    Is there some, you know, kid, down at the, you know, university, who could give this thing a once-over? One of those computer whiz-kids. I’d kick in 12 bucks or whatever.

    Almost put up a post but the column is so W I D E
    and the leading is so tight
    that it’s intimidating to look at
    which is not a great place to start
    for the comedy.
    seems like an easy-enough fix but i haven’t the foggiest.

  3. Admin

    How is this? there’s lots of templates to choose from.

  4. Jack Silbert

    That looks better to me. What do y’all think?

  5. Frank B.

    Getting better, still no pictures obviously.

  6. Jack Silbert

    Because I’m a can-do sort of fellow, what i’ve done is manually re-add the photos from my last two posts with photos. Also i’m trying a zany flush-left thing. Also changed in so the permalinks are more self-explanatory and not strings of digits.

    One thing that has vanished in this different template is the author’s name. That must be a quick fix as well, but for the life of me i can’t find it.

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