5 responses to “Rogaine team name needed”

  1. tdp

    If you want to further abstract it, I’d go with “The Compass Always Points to Terrapin”.

  2. Jack Silbert

    “Watkins, Come Here, I Want to Visit Controls in a Defined Time Period to Collect the Highest Point Total Possible.”
    “The Watkins Glen Not-Remotely-International”
    The Walkin’ Watkins
    Rockin’ Watkins
    “I Graduated From CMU, whose University Press is Distributed by Cornell University Press, which is the Press of the University Which Employs My Partner”
    “Gazetteers 2010 World Tour”
    “I’m the Rapper, He’s the DJ”
    The Vuvu-fellas
    The BP Northern Seepage Advance Team
    We Found Waldo
    Or that one you have is good.

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