Hello wordpress.

People not interested in technology stop reading. 9,000 other people and I  left blogger over some ftp flap. Blogger stopped supporting ftp, and warned about it (thanks, Jack!).  I thought I’d try to just “migrate” and do whatever they said, but in doing so the url had to change to something else. Perhaps I read the fine print incorrectly, but it seemed that our present domain name would not work. It wasn’t clear if it would, or how to fix that issue. So I hopped to wordpress. it’ll be a mess for awhile.

5 responses to “Hello wordpress.”

  1. Frank Boscoe

    All the content seems to be here. I’m not seeing any images though.

  2. Jack Silbert

    When I was here earlier, there were more images visible.

    Also, we’ll have to figure out that “Author: Admin” thing. (In the site’s “guts” it seems to remember who said what, so I’m surprised the writers’ names didn’t transfer.

  3. bernie

    i know. the tool i used said they’d be preserved. could be operator error on my part. But it’s not like google wants to give it all away (including images). at any rate i can do some of this manually. Still working on images. I can’t get into the ftp site so i’m waiting for tech support on that (it used to work).

  4. Jack Silbert

    ok, it’s pretty easy to go into the “edit posts” screen–there’s a Quick-Edit link for each post–and there’s a pull-down menu to change “Admin” to the approved authors. Which at this moment does not include Mr. Frank Boscoe. (Did you not sign in yet?) Anyway, I changed mine and Bernie’s from the past few months.

  5. Jack Silbert

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