Arrested Development – season 4

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I watched the first episode the other day – the “Michael” episode – and I’m a bit disappointed so far, but for reasons that don’t seem to align with any of the commenters out there (not funny enough, too few character interactions, too many in-jokes on the screen for half a second). To me, Michael was the most important character in the show, because his character was tragic, while all the others are just buffoons. His tragic flaw was loyalty to the family, and his inability to escape the family was sometimes his own doing, but just as often the result of seemingly random forces beyond his control, as if the show wasn’t being written by Hollywood writers but by the Greek gods themselves.

The Season 1 Michael would have moved into George Michael’s dorm only with great embarrassment and reluctance and maybe only for a month at most, and this still would have been funny. I’m afraid the Season 4 Michael does it only because the writers thought it would be funny.

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  1. Jack Silbert

    Interesting thoughts on Michael!

    I’ve watched three episodes, and the first was the only one that made me laugh a lot. But Winkler is money in the bank. I enjoy him very much on Childrens Hospital as well.

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