Musikfest offerings

After screaming at Arlen Specter at a ‘town hall’ meeting about healthcare reform, Pennsylvanians can head on over to Bethlehem and attend Musikfest, and grab a few of these:

The Firness Center

There’s too much ice and not enough snow, so I decided to join the gym at Micaela’s employer. Curiously, it overlooks our house. I can lean forward right now and make out the vague shape of a treadmiller in the topmost window in the distance. Someday this might come in handy, somehow. The guy in […]


It’s the diagnosis I got yesterday, but I’ve been having the same abdominal pain on and off for about seven years. When it first happened, I was living in Northern California and went to see a doctor who specialized in treating pilots and all things aviation related. He prescribed Prevacid, describing it as a miracle […]