Can’t Swing a Dead Cat ‘Round Here Without Hitting an Artist

I’ve noticed an increasing amount of “homeland jargon” quotes nestled into articles dealing with dire economic forecasts as of late.
Here are two examples, the first about Oregon’s statewide school budget crisis:

The worst part, she said, is the ongoing financial uncertainty. The town agonizes through one round of funding cuts, only to hear that it was not enough.

“It’s like target shooting in a dark building,” Pearson said. “Then you turn the lights on and say, ‘How did we do?’ “

(source: LA Times)

Or this gem, about fearful college admissions staff:

“Trying to hit those numbers is like trying to hit a hot tub when you’re skydiving from 30,000 feet,” said Jennifer Delahunty, dean of admissions and financial aid at Kenyon College in Ohio. “I’m going to go to church every day in April.”

(source: NY TImes)

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