Estonia recap

So, I ended up finishing about where I expected (in the bottom third), but not for the reason I expected – my teammate ran out of steam long before I did. Also, to my surprise, I think I would like to try this again. Here is how it was reported on Estonian television.

Greetings from Estonia!

Greetings from Estonia, where everyone pretends to know English and pretends not to know Russian (understandably), and where the World Rogaining Championships are a mere 12 hours away. Here are some excerpts from the indemnity form I will be required to sign: 1.1.1 The competitor may get lost. 1.1.2 The competitor may fall under attack […]


Time for some updates on your most pressing unresolved Salt in Wound topics! So how did that spelling bee turn out? Did I mention that the previous one – the one I won – was held at a hipster bar? By 2008 adult spelling bees had become passé, replaced by Guitar Hero contests. How about […]

Rogaining update

I believe I have found a teammate. Vesa Keinanen of Finland (the person in the background) has responded to one of my many far-flung postings. He seems more talented, experienced, and serious than I am but I believe I can keep up. His name also has two dots over the a in his last name. […]


If you want to compete in a world championship athletic event, but you are not an elite athlete, there are really only two options. First, you could compete for a very small country. This has its limitations, though, because few of us are from a very small country, and in most sports there are rigorous […]