Time for some updates on your most pressing unresolved Salt in Wound topics!

So how did that spelling bee turn out?

Did I mention that the previous one – the one I won – was held at a hipster bar? By 2008 adult spelling bees had become passé, replaced by Guitar Hero contests.

How about the trip to Estonia?

I have it all planned out, but I have yet to make any actual reservations. I’ve concluded that Estonian will be an impossible language to pick up over the next 4 months, and that I’m not nearly as good at the sport of rogaining as I thought I would be. Last place is a very distinct possibility. Should still be fun, though.

Has Keenan gotten to hear any Backstreet Boys tunes yet?

No. I was able to tell him they were quite literally just a swindle.

Did anyone ever pick up that sand?

Nope. The other day when no one was home, I sliced open the bags and shoveled all the sand into an inconspicuous spot amongst the brambles, from whence it came.

What about the traffic cone?

Wait, I haven’t posted about the traffic cone yet? That will be my next post, I promise.

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