Advice to the Lovelorn

Jack has had no luck meeting anyone special at lesbian weddings, on subways, at his neighborhood deli, and especially not through the Salt in Wound community. Might I suggest a 5k race? Actually, a half-marathon would be even better, but first things first.

51% of all race finishers in the US are women, with a median age of 35. Many are single. Many are affluent. All are healthy.

At a race last winter I overheard some women talking about how they were in need of an anchor for a (non-competitive) marathon relay team. I volunteered. It was a group of mostly teachers, elementary school through college, mostly single. They were running together on Sunday mornings with the goal of eventually each running their own marathon.

There are lots of little groups like this around, but they’re not always obvious to find, which is why if I were single I would opt for Team in Training. You get actual coaching and a demographic that is probably 80% women and 80% pure beginners. You commit to raise what sounds like a lot of money but which probably amounts to 2 or 3 weeks rent. Slowness is not an issue. In fact, it’s an asset, since women are even more concentrated toward the back of the pack.

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