Uncanny receipt from my most recent book purchase

An about face(book), for real this time

OK, so I was wrong, but I’m not too proud to admit it. Not nearly as bad as the Microsoft Chief Technology Officer who asserted in 1994 that the internet would only ever be the domain of “hobbyists”. Here are the tandard eight or so reasons: 1. Since my original Salt in Wound posting on […]

Technological dissonance

From a local classified ad posting: i have several multi-set 78 rpm records….ethel merman, frank sinatra, bing crosby etc. they look in good condition, but i don’t know if they play [Italics mine]

Process Diagram

This appears on my screen whenever I am prompted to change my password at work.


No doubt this escaped your attention, but the author(s) of Ziggy have lately become delusional over the idea of inanimate objects talking to us. This has had the unintended consequence of making the comic strip interesting for the first time in decades, possibly ever. Often it’s a computer doing the talking (Figure 1). These are […]