June 2008

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Helicopter in Topanga

Yesterday John and I were sitting on the yurt steps and watching the dogs roll around in the grass. I saw a red helicopter fly over us. I noted it wasn’t a news chopper, police or fire either. There was something odd about it– perhaps its trajectory or speed–that I couldn’t put my finger on. […]

Good Times!

For the last nine days I’ve been in Uganda, teaching at a school for three full days and staying at the family home of the gentleman who runs the school, Pastor Godfrey. On the last day Pastor Godfrey took me to a restaurant a few streets away from the village school. The waiters in Ugandan […]

Pass on the Party Plates…

When we moved here a few years ago, I said to Mike, “What the hell are all these people from New Mexico doing in Cleveland?” What led me to think that Cleveland was a popular destination for New Mexicans was the bright yellow license plates with red letters. Although this IS the New Mexico license […]

The lowly traffic cone

Traffic cones are among the most inconspicuous features in the landscape. This is interesting, because they are supposed to conspicuous – signifying the need for attention and caution. But they are constantly being left behind and forgotten. The cone pictured here has been perched at the base of a light pole near my house for […]

Another Musical

Isa told me that her friend invited her to see him perform in a musical. I said sure, get the time and place, and we’ll be there. Sunday rolled around and we trekked out to the valley to see the show. As luck would have it, I was treated to yet another all-white performance of […]

It’s Summer. Put the Heaters Away

The latest top ten SIW searches: 1. patrick moberg 2. salt the wound 3. rice krinkles 4. salt in wound 5. miracle heaters 6. aggressive fuck * 7. diana wolozin 8. amish made heaters 9. isaac asimov super quiz 10. amish miracle heater *John’s fault