The lowly traffic cone

Traffic cones are among the most inconspicuous features in the landscape. This is interesting, because they are supposed to conspicuous – signifying the need for attention and caution. But they are constantly being left behind and forgotten. The cone pictured here has been perched at the base of a light pole near my house for a really long time, possibly even predating the Iraq War. Originally it was probably left there by a utility crew. Since it sort of looks like it might belong there (as long as you don’t think about it too much), it will never get moved.

If I was running from the police and had to quickly stash some contraband, I would drop it safely into the top of a traffic cone for later retrieval.

On my way home from work I counted the orphaned cones along my route: eleven! There may have been even more; they are so inconspicuous that several times I forgot I was counting them.

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