Romantic Cones

I saw this image on Isa’s computer. She has no idea where it came from. It’s so rich with symbolism: are the cones having a romantic moment in a beautiful place? Are we, the viewers, being warned of the danger of continuing further into the beautiful waterfall?Why were the cones framed so properly in the […]

Traffic cone: important new findings

During Bernie and Isa’s visit this weekend, Bernie and I took a stroll through the neighborhood that took us past the now well-known traffic cone. Close inspection revealed that the cone was, at one time, the property of St. Peter’s Hospital, a half-mile to the east. While we now know that the cone was not […]

The lowly traffic cone

Traffic cones are among the most inconspicuous features in the landscape. This is interesting, because they are supposed to conspicuous – signifying the need for attention and caution. But they are constantly being left behind and forgotten. The cone pictured here has been perched at the base of a light pole near my house for […]