Promoting Your Blog

After photographing the traffic cone the other day, my eye was drawn to a Post-It note affixed to the light pole. The Post-It note advertised Proscar® (finasteride), currently the leading medication to shrink one’s prostate. There is questionable marketing value for any drug that appears to be promoting scarring, but I believe the name was a portmanteau formation of PROSTATE + NASCAR. Written on the Post-It note in shaky, loopy cursive was the message: “Go to You will be benefitted (sic)”.

Unfortunately, I failed to take a close-up photograph, and the blog name that I remembered does not seem to exist. When I went back the Post-It note was gone. I believe they are only rated for 5 mph wind shear, enough to handle most office environments, but not the outdoors.

Overall, an unsuccessful promotional effort in so many ways.

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