Jami Attenberg’s new book out Now!! It’s already received great press from Marie Claire and Glamour, amongst other publications.  You can find out about all of that and more on my newly launched website, .  And here’s a fun little interview on the Huffington Post:

Miss Bong

In Korean, this says “Miss Bong”. Phonetically it sounds like “Mee-su Bong.” They’re little fishcakes somewhat like slim jims. Along those lines, there is a sports drink called Pis in Korea and also Pocari Sweat (competing sports drink).




A lot of excitement today about Andy Pettitte “coming clean” and admitting to the use of human growth hormone. From the Sunday New York Post: “In 2002 I was injured,” the statement said. “I had heard that human growth hormone could promote faster healing for my elbow. I felt an obligation to get back to […]

"of course" and "obviously"

They are the most overused words by conservatives: “Of course we want to get out of Iraq.” “Obviously no one cares more about the suffering in New Orleans than I do.” “Obviously no one wants war.” “Of course we want to find out how the information was leaked.” Once you’ve tuned in to those words, […]

A Meta-post

Three things that bug me about blogger, our blog editor/host: Forced Astrological signs. Take a look at this guys profile. See how it lists his sign(s)? This isn’t because the guy believes in astrology, it’s because if you want to list your age on your profile, Blogger forces the star sign on you too. So […]

Previously Unuttered Sentences

I was at a friend’s for Thanksgiving. Georgie, a ten year old girl, had some problem with her nose that she didn’t seem to want to talk about. Her brother Patrick started to tell us what was wrong with her nose and Georgie told him “Patrick, it’s not your nose to explain.” I love that […]