A Meta-post

Three things that bug me about blogger, our blog editor/host:

  • Forced Astrological signs. Take a look at this guys profile. See how it lists his sign(s)? This isn’t because the guy believes in astrology, it’s because if you want to list your age on your profile, Blogger forces the star sign on you too. So if you see an age in a profile, you’ll see the astrological sign too.

    What do all the hardcore skeptics do? I haven’t searched for a skeptic tag yet, but I’d bet you don’t find a single person listing themself as a skeptic who also displays their age. The forced Zodiac sign is why.

  • No automatic email notification when comments are added to a post. Blogger, if I ask you to, you will automatically send me email when someone else makes a comment to a post after I’ve made a comment to the same post. Why can’t you extend the same privilege to me when I’m the poster? After all, I’m hosting that party. I’m a big boy, Blogger. What is it you’re trying to protect me from?

  • (This isn’t about blogger specifically, but still…) The word blog. It’s a little better than tofurkey jerkey but way worse than even chunnel, which is saying something. Every time I use it I think it’s more suited to a context like I got so drunk last night that I blogged all over Nancy’s floor. I hated this word from the start; for a long time I insisted on using the longer, and way more pleasing weblog instead. But I lost that war. Now I use the word, of course, but it still grates.
  • Feel my red-hot fury.

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