Last night, there was a tornado warning for our area. It’s been raining a lot, and it will never cease to amaze me how Los Angelenos drive in the rain and flood conditions. My commute becomes quite hazardous on days like these. Part of the road I take is carved out of the side of a sheer cliff. In the rain all sorts of things can happen: mudslides, rocks falling down onto the road, trees falling off the cliffs to the road; or, in some cases below the road and taking the road with them. Maybe some of you remember the house-sized boulder that fell on the boulevard a few years ago. When Frank was here over the summer, he spied a “Save The Rock” poster, with a picture of the giant rock in the middle of the road.
“Were they serious?” he asked.
I had to think for a minute.
“I bet they were,” I replied. Of course they would want to save the rock.

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