Answers to Your Pressing Questions

Frank’s post reminded me that we do get some interesting search queries, so I’d like to help out a little.
Here goes…

Why put sugar in a wound rather than salt?

Well, I don’t know why you’d put salt in a wound in the first place. I wouldn’t put sugar in a wound either. I might put maggots in a wound, though.

What clothes should I pack for a 15 day cruise to Hawaii?

Well, this is a tough one. On these cruises, the entire focus of the day is the meals; particularly the dinners (and yes, you ‘dress up’ for them). You’re basically going to be sitting on a boat all day gazing at melting ice sculptures and eating from chocolate fountains and panini stations. Are you sure you really want to do this?

What is the Chinese nail salon joke?

I have no idea.

Is Juno overscripted?

Hotdiggity flippin dog it is!

Should you put salt in wounds?

No. Nor sugar.

What is the salt for wound treatment?

Do not put salt in a wound. Use something else.

Comments of Ellen G. White about salt?

Ellen G. White (1827-1915) was a popular Seventh Day Adventist writer who penned, “Do not eat largely of salt.”

And finally one of my own…

Should I buy one of those Amish heaters I saw in People magazine?

No! Don’t do it!

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